We are on year three of traveling to two of our favorite wine regions in the world. Piemonte, Italy & Burgundy, France. The best way to taste wines is through gatherings of friends and family. On this trip, you are embraced by winemakers, their families, the towns people, hotel owners, and everyone in between. We love our friends in both regions and that bond makes for a once in a lifetime trip.

TRIP highlights

  • One night at The Yard hotel in Milan.

  • 3 nights in La Morra at a 5 star Villa hotel.

  • Wine tastings in Barolo & surrounding areas with wine makers

  • Personal tour of the vineyards with winemakers

  • 3 nights in Burgundy at a 5 star Chateau Hotel amongst the grapes.

  • 1 night in Paris on your way home.

  • Michelin restaurants every day.

  • Tastings at amazing vineyards

  • Special vintages poured at every meal