Our ties with this lovely country run deep, rooted in relevancy from the growth of friendships forged over years spent exploring Australia’s gorgeous coastlines. Whether it’s a chef’s table reservation at the newest restaurant in town, VIP credentials to the can’t-miss NYD party, or the joy of a private water taxi from the Opera House to Rose Bay for a terrace lunch—we have the dynamic knowledge and optimal connections to make your ideal Australian escapade come true.

TRIP highlights

  • Commercial Air Travel to and from Sydney (optional)

  • 6 nights at luxury Hotel or Private Villa in Sydney

  • Dinner reservations at relevant & revered restaurants

  • Lunch Reservations at locations local’s prefer

  • Full Day, Half Day, or Night Private Yacht charter

  • Recreational Daytime Activities (curated specific to your group)

  • Dedicated Luxury Ground Transportation as needed

  • Night Life (VIP access to Clubs, Events, Festivals, Lounges)

  • NYE events (VIP access to events on the Harbor or around town - bookings made specific to your group)

  • NYD events (VIP access to the legendary NYD parties that Sydney is known foR)

  • 3 nights at luxury hotel on Hamilton Island (Hotel options on Hamilton Island will be booked based on the group)

  • Sea Plane to barrier Reef (optional)

  • Island Golf (optional)

  • Snorkeling (optional)

  • Spa day(s) (optional)

  • Jet Boat day trip to Whitsunday beaches (optional)

  • Domestic Air Travel to and from Sydney to Hamilton Island

  • Alternative locations to Hamilton Island are Byron Bay or Melbourne.