Conceived from the love of discovering new adventures—absconding to locales ranging from the alluring to the avant-garde—Stay | Play crafts customized travel and personalized experiences across the globe. Our elite and dedicated Team creates, plans, organizes, manages, and executes-to-perfection every aspect of your journey. Whether seeking out new locations for you to explore, delivering a consistent standard of stay via boutique hotel partnerships, or being a text away to adjust your plans on the fly, Stay | Play provides continuous peace of mind for our clients the world over—so you can play like you've never played before.



Dear Fellow Travelers,

Stay | Play is the product of 15 years spent building and maintaining relationships across the globe during my past endeavors and careers. I’ve been fortunate to have journeyed the hallways of the music industry, through the kitchens and front house of the hospitality industry, down the aisles of the private travel business, and, along the journey, into the homes of close friends made around the globe.

Four years ago, I found myself wanting more from day-to-day life. I was missing the mark. And, the world-wide network I’d created was not being utilized to its full potential. With this realization, I began focusing on the theme and passion that ran consistent through all my ventures—travel.

Throughout my own travels, I have cultivated, enjoyed, and developed a standard of luxury and personalization—one I can now share with Stay | Play clients. With the launch of Stay | Play, I am doing what I love while carving out our niche in the luxury travel world. I and my team now have the extraordinary opportunity to curate unbelievable experiences for friends and clients worldwide, through our invaluable knowledge, connections, and experience.

We will always strive to remain boutique in the interest of providing a customized, couture travel experience for all. We look forward to ensuring your peace of mind in every sense with us on your next adventure.

Travel well,

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Sean Duff, Founder